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Q: Is it against Google’s guidelines to submit to this directory?

A: It is not against Google’s terms to submit to a business directory. Additionally, GingerHippo is not involving you in a link scheme or paid link service. We use only white hat SEO practices, and are offering a service similar to many other websites around the internet. If you are paying a website to list your company on their website, it is a violation of Google’s policies, which could result in a manual penalty. There are many similar websites to list your business on, such as Yelp, Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, EZLocal, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Google. Our directory merely plainly states we are giving you a free directory listing.

Q: Do standard listings receive lower placement or priority than premium listings?

A: All listings receive equal priority and placement within our directory. Though we reserve the right to entertain a paid advertising model in the future, there is currently none in place. While there is no difference in priority, premium listings will receive greater value in their listing from our directory with a dofollow backlink, as they are committing to placing our logo, banner, or text link on their website for their listing. We highly encourage everyone to take advantage of our premium business listings, as you will gain significant authority value from a dofollow backlink, in comparison to a nofollow backlink. In the end, the decision is completely up to you.

Q: Why can’t I find the right category for my business?

A: We’ve included the most popular categories we could find for this directory, but we can’t imagine we’ve listed them all. There are two possibilities for why your category isn’t currently listed. The first and most important reason, is that we didn’t think of it, and we apologize for it not being there. Send us a message on our contact form, and we will be happy to add the appropriate category. The second reason, could be that your industry doesn’t meet advertising guidelines for search engines. We take these rules seriously, and follow Google’s rules at all times. The industries that currently are prohibited are: Adult content, Adult themes in family content, Dangerous or derogatory content , Recreational drugs and drug-related content, Alcohol-related content, Tobacco-related content, Gambling and games-related content, Healthcare-related content, Hacking and cracking content, Pages that offer compensation programs, Misrepresentative content, Shocking content, Weapon-related content, Content that enables dishonest behavior, Illegal content.

Q: Why is this free? What’s the catch?

A: As an SEO (search engine optimization) company first & foremost, we understand & appreciate the efforts of SEO companies. We further understand how difficult it can be for smaller companies to compete with larger companies for organic search placement. Our directory is free, because being found organically is meant to be free from external costs. We frown on other directories charging people to be listed, because it just doesn’t make sense. As for the catch? There really isn’t one. If you opt-in to our communications, we will probably send you an occasional email, but we aren’t the type of company to bombard people’s inbox with irrelevant information. Will we solicit you for business? That’s not our style. We believe in building valuable relationships. If you need our help with your SEO, we would love to have the opportunity to earn your business. Just let us know.

Q: How do I change the information in my listing?

A: Just send us the information that needs to be changed in a comment form. You can skip to our contact page, and send an email to [email protected]. How long will it take to change your information? We will try to get to it quickly, but it depends on how many people are waiting in line. Changes to existing directory listings is always our top priority, so it shouldn’t take that long. Please keep in mind that our directory work will always be second to our client work, which is what pays the bills, and allows us to provide this service to the public for free.

Q: Am I going to be placed on a telemarketing list, because of my listing?

A: We would never give or sell your information to a 3rd party vendor. There are no exceptions on our part. However, the information you provide is being listed publicly, and we can’t control who uses your business listing information for their telemarketing or email campaigns. If you find yourself being solicited because of the information provided to us, we recommend reporting telemarketers to the Federal Trade Commission, and unsubscribing from the email campaigns. If you are solicited further by these companies, they are violating Federal Laws for phone call solicitation and CAN-SPAM regulations for unsolicited email marketing. Information can be found by clicking on the respective links provided, and we apologize for their bad behaviors. We get unsolicited phone calls & emails too.

Q: What is the difference between a dofollow and a nofollow backlink?

A: A dofollow backlink passes the authority of the referring website to it’s target. Dofollow backlinks are the gold standard of the internet. A nofollow backlink still provides a little bit of authority for a website, but not nearly as much as a dofollow. The ultimate goal in SEO is to gain as many dofollow backlinks as possible for off page search engine optimization.

Q: Why isn’t my listing showing up in the directory?

A: There’s a few reasons this may happen. If it’s only been a couple of days, it’s because we haven’t gotten to your listing request, yet. We apologize in advance, as directory listing work is always secondary to our client work. The second reason is that your listing may not qualify for being listed, based on falling into a prohibited category. The third reason, which can happen, is that we didn’t receive the request, due to a digital error. If your listing hasn’t shown up in one calendar week and isn’t a prohibited category, send us a comment and we will figure out a solution. We apologize if your listing didn’t make it to us.

Q: How long does it take to have my listing live, once I’ve submitted the information?

A: We put listings in pretty quickly, through templated pages, so it should be within a few days. This is a manual process, because we SEO each listing, to ensure the best results to your specific listing. Sometimes, we do get a bit overwhelmed with various company tasks, and it could take up to a week. We apologize for any delays in our process. Second, our content is quite substantial, and our URL’s are crawled by search engines regularly, so you should see the benefit of your listing fairly quickly. The faster we grow on our end, the faster URL’s get indexed, so by all means, refer this directory to all of your friends.

Q: Why are there Google Ads on my listing page?

A: In an effort to keep this directory as a free service to the public, we use Google AdSense to help cover the costs. By no means does this cover the cost of the effort & resources given, nor do we actually make money from this directory, but every little bit helps. We do not decide which ads are presented, as the ads are determined by your internet navigation & Google.

Q: Is GingerHippo going to call me and sell me their services?

A: Absolutely not. If you are interested in our services, we’re here to help, on your terms. You will never receive an unsolicited email or phone call from us. If you do, please reach out to us immediately, through our contact us page, phone, or email. This is guaranteed to be someone posing as us to scam you, or bad behavior that will be corrected immediately on our end. The only communication you will ever receive from us, is by opting into our communications, and will be an occasional email.

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