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Our business listings are absolutely free. So, what’s the catch? There really isn’t one. Are we planning on selling your information to 3rd parties? Absolutely NOT! Are we going to fill your inbox with junk emails 10x per day? NEVER! So, why are we offering to do all of this work for free? It’s actually quite simple. Building backlinks to your website should be the single biggest priority for your website, and we are here to help you with that mission.

Okay, you got us. There are a few catches to this offering. The first catch is that we give dofollow backlinks for premium listings, who have given us a link from anywhere on their website. If you just want your business listed in our directory and don’t want to give us credit, we will be happy to list your website with a nofollow backlink. This isn’t meant to strong arm you into giving us a backlink, rather appreciation for helping us in return. After all, we’re trying to accomplish the same thing with our authority as you are.

What are the restrictions for getting listed? There are actually a few restrictions for being listed. First and foremost, your business must fall into one of the categories listed on our directory, and must fall into Google’s content guidelines. Lastly, our directory is for United States businesses only. Please don’t try to game the system, as our listings are verified and entered manually, in an effort to provide an outstanding service to the digital community.

Still need to know more, before making a decision to get a free directory listing? We understand, completely. Please check out our FAQ page.

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Note 1: Backlinks

A “nofollow backlink” carries very little authority from search engines, whereas a “dofollow backlink” carries maximum authority of the referring website to it’s target. Dofollow backlinks are highly sought after for building authority and ranking.

Note 2: Website Address

We accept both the http:// and https:// version of website addresses for links. We recommend the secure version or https:// , as you will receive the most authority for this type of link.

Note 3: Title

Your title should be 55 characters or less, including spaces. The title is your headline or draw, to entice people to click to your directory listing. We recommend using a free character counting tool, which can be found here.

Note 4: Business Summary

Your business summary tells people what they should expect, by clicking to your company profile. Limited to 170 characters maximum, including spaces. We recommend using a free character counting tool, which can be found here.

Note 5: Business Description

Tell everyone “ALL” about your business in this area. This is your sales pitch, and should refrain from using keyword stuffing. What would you tell someone about your business if they asked you?

Note 6: Keywords

What are the 5 most important keywords you want to be known for? We recommend your keywords be included in your business description. It helps tremendously.

Note 7: Reciprocal Link

What is the URL of our link on your website? This is not required for your listing, however we highly appreciate links as well. The column to the right has instructions and styles.

Codes For Placing A Link On Your Website To Our Directory

Simply copy & paste this code to your website.

GingerHippo Directory

Simple text code:<a href=””>GingerHippo Directory</a>

Special note: Please ensure you are using dark text on light backgrounds, and light text on dark backgrounds, to meet Google’s guidelines.


GingerHippo Directory LogoGingerHippo Directory Logo


Banner image code for light or white background:

<a href=’’><img src=’’></img></a>


GingerHippo Directory Banner Logo Dark Background


Banner image code for dark background:

<a href=’’><img src=’’></img></a>


GingerHippo Directory Logo Small


Simple logo image code:

<a href=’’><img src=’’></img></a>

Special note: When using this logo code, please ensure the image is equal to or larger than 80 pixels by 80 pixels, to meet search engine guidelines.

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